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Mandatory disclosure under Section 4 (1) (b)

Right to information Act, 2005

Document Information provided as per the Section 4(I)(b) of the Act
I. The particulars of organization, functions and duties. : Available at next page.
II. The powers and duties of officers and Employees. : Director - Head of the department Addl. Director- Comm, Eqpt, Cipher, Stores Addl. Director- POLNET,Vigilance,Grievances & RTI
III. The procedure and duties of officers and employees : As per the Govt. of India Orders.
IV. Norms for discharging the functions : As per orders/instructions of DOPT's/ Home Ministry's instruction, if any.
V. The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and Records, used by employees for discharging functions. : As prescribed by Govt. of India.
VI. Categories of Documents : General and routine matters.
VII. All concerned are free to lodge complaint/ Grievances to this office for matter related to this office. : Yes
VIII. Committee : As and when required for specific functions/activities.
IX. Directory of officers/employees of DCPW : Available on Home Page
X. Monthly remuneration of officers/officials. : Director: : G.P. - Rs. 10000
Addl. Director: G.P. - Rs. 8700
Joint. Director: G.P. - Rs. 7600
Dy. Director : G.P. - Rs. 6600
XI. The budget allocated to each of organization's Agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, Proposed expenditures & reports on disbursement made. : Rs 55 crores
XII. The manner of execution of subside programme Indicating the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes : N.A.
XIII. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits authorizations granted by this office. : N.A.
XIV. Details in respect of the information, available to Or held by this office, reduced in an electronic Form. : Time to time available on DCPW website ( dcpw.nic.in)
XV. The particulars of facilities available to citizens For obtaining information, including the working hours of library or reading room, if maintained for public use. : N.A.
XVI. The name, designation and other particulars of the Public Information Officer. : CPIO : Shri Ghanshyam, Deputy Director (Admn-II), Telephone No.011-24369511
XVII. Such other information as may be prescribed. : Being given from time to time through website.


Acts as an advisory body to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and to the Police Telecommunication Organizations in the country on matters pertaining to Police Telecommunications.


* Provides uninterrupted ,Secure and reliable communication links.
* Imparting Basic and advanced training to the Police Telecommunication personnel in operation, maintenance, Cryptography apart from formulating technical training standards.
* Laying down technical specifications for equipments to be inducted in Police Telecommunication organizations in the country and formulation of Equipment standards.
* Coordinates allocation / usage of Radio frequencies and Site Clearance for Police Telecommunication organisation with WPC, Ministry of communications.
* Organizes biennial "Police Radio Officers Conference" for interaction and guidance in the field of Police Telecommunication.
* Maintains a Reserve Stock of equipments and accessories for issue to State / UT Police Organizations and CPMFs at short notice during emergency/election needs.
* DCPW workshop is fully capable of testing and evaluation of latest wireless equipment and microprocessor based measuring instruments.

Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless