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DCPW Welfare Fund (Regd.) is established in the year 1976 with the sole objective of providing financial assistance to DCPW personnel at the time of superannuation simultaneously covering the life risk factor and providing a Death grant without charging any premium for the same. This is a self financed fund managed exclusively with the monthly subscription made by the staff members.

The existing rate of subscription with proportionate life risk cover (Death Grant) are as given below
Category Rate of Monthly Subscription Risk Cover /Death Grant
Group ‘D’ Rs.20/- Rs.20,000/-     *
Group ‘C’ Rs.40/- Rs.40,000/-
Group ‘B’&’A’ Rs.60/- Rs.60,000/-
The rate of interest paid on the accumulated amount in the credits of the individuals will be @ 10% p.a. compounded yearly. A rough estimate of the amount payable while proceeding on superannuation as given below :-
Period of Regular Membership Approx. amount payable on superannuation
13 years Two times the subscribed amount
20 years Three times the subscribed amount
25 years Four times the subscribed amount
28 years Five times the subscribed amount
31 years Six times the subscribed amount
33 years Seven times the subscribed amount
35 years Eight times the subscribed amount
37 years Nine times the subscribed amount
38 years Ten times the subscribed amount
Application form for Identity Card –Retired Persons (DCPW)
1. NAME : ----------------------------------
2. POST HELD ON RETIREMENT : ----------------------------------
3. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS ----------------------------------
4. TELEPHONE NO. IF ANY ----------------------------------
5. BLOOD GROUP ----------------------------------
6. DATE OF BIRTH ----------------------------------
7. DATE OF SUPERANNUATION ----------------------------------
8. PAY SCALE ON RETIREMENT ----------------------------------
9. LAST PAY DRAWN ----------------------------------
10. AVERAGE EMOLUMENTS ----------------------------------
11. QUALIFYING SERVICE ----------------------------------
12. PENSION ORIGINALLY SANCTIONED ----------------------------------
13. P.P.O NO. AND DATE ----------------------------------
14. SPECIMEN SIGNATURE (1)----------------------------------
NOTE :  Two stamp size photographs may please be submitted alongwith the application form. Applicant has to make the payment an amount of Rs. 15/- if applicant collect the I/Card from HQRS., New Delhi or Rs. 35/- if the I/Card is to be dispatched at his address . Money should be deposited to the Cashier or by Demand Draft payable at the State Bank of India at New Delhi in favour of Accounts Officer of DCPW.

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