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D.C.P.W. has a full fledged Radio Workshop capable of testing/evaluating the latest wireless equipments (HF/VHF/UHF) and accessories like Ni-CD/Ni-Mh/Secondary batteries, Battery Chargers, Antennas, Cables, Scramblers, Modems and Data Terminal Equipment etc. The Central Radio Workshop is fully equipped with latest Microprocessor controlled instruments and other electronic gadgets to handle all kinds of repair/evaluation jobs.

Before finalising the annual DGS&D Rate Contract for transceivers and their accessories, the concerned firms are instructed to submit their samples to D.C.P.W. for evaluation as per the floated technical specifications. These samples are tested and evaluated by the workshop and a report is submitted to DGS&D regarding the suitability of these equipments for inclusion in the Rate Contract.

In addition to the above the workshop also tests the wireless sets and accessories before they are issued on temporary loan to the States/CPMFs from the Reserve Stocks and also when they are received back to ensure these items are in proper working condition.

Besides the above the Radio Workshop also conducts the following works :

1. Repair and testing of all types of electronic and electrical items.

2. Acceptance/Serviceability test of all technical stores.

3. Fabrication/Installation job.

4. Repair/Maintenance of all equipments/instruments.

5. Planning of latest instruments for induction in the workshop.

Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless