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1949 First Inter State Police Radio Control Station established in New Delhi.
1950 First high altitude radio station installed in the Garhwal Himalayas (U.P.)
1956 First Inter-State Police Wireless competition held at Patiala (Punjab).
1957 First long distance radio telephone circuit provided between New Delhi and Port Blair.
1959 First use of Radio for "Traffic Aid Posts" on National Highways.
1964 First use of automatic VHF Radio Repeaters for long distance voice communication Maharashtra.
1965 Central Police Radio Training Institute (CPRTI) established in the present form.
1968 First Radio Tele Type (RTTY) service on VHF link established between Bombay(Maharastra) & Patna (Bihar)
1970 First Police teleprinter link established between New Delhi & Chandigarh.
1972 First linking of all thanas on radio in West Bengal
First experimental Inter-Continental Police link established with Interpol HQ at Paris (FRANCE)and regional station at Tokyo (JAPAN).
1973 First RTTY service on HF was established between New Delhi & Bhopal.
1974 First use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for `Crowd Control', in Kumbh Mela at Haridwar (Uttaranchal.).
First use of ground to air communications for Police work with BSF aircraft.
First facsimile (FAX) transmission for Police use in Tamil Nadu.
1975 First Multichannel UHF link established at New Delhi.
First course for Gazetted Police Telecommunication Officers conducted at the CPRTI (DCPW).
1976 First `On line' Electronic Ciphering of classified messages - DCPW.
1978 First Microwave System for Police Commissioned in Tamil Nadu.
1979 First RTTY communication on Interpol link between New Delhi and Paris.
1980 First use of CCTV for traffic control by Delhi Police.
First participation of India in the International Conference of PoliceTelecommunication experts.
1982 First use of Multi Access Radio Telephone System for Police during Asian games in New Delhi.
1983 First use of Mobile Control Room by Police in Delhi.First 800MHz Security communication System established by Police for Non Aligned Summit Meet - DCPW.
1984 First Mobile Automatic Radio Telephone Dialing system established in Delhi-DCPW and BSF Head Quarters.
1985 First Police Radio link between Delhi & Lucknow on RTTY in `Burst Mode' with `forward Error Correction' using intelligent terminals of DCPW.
1986 First successful transmission & reception of printed message from flying aircraft -DCPW and BSF.
1987 Introduction of Electronic Teleprinters (ETPs) and Automatic Message Switching System in Police Communication Setup by DCPW at Delhi.
1988 Experimental Packet Radio Switching link tested successfully between Jaipur - ISPW Station & Delhi-DCPW Hd. Qtrs.
1989 Formulation of First National Police Telecommunication Network Plan' for Updating Police Telecommunication Services in the Country.
1990 Work on implementation of `Pilot Project' relating to National PoliceTelecommunication Network Plan initiated.
First Radio Relay based communication links established - BSF in Kashmir & Tripura.
Modernization Plan for National Crime Bureau (NCB) India, submitted to Interpol Head quarters, Lyons, France.
First satellite link established for Karnataka Police at Bangalore.
Provision of extensive radio based communications for the River Safari Expedition for BSF from Calcutta to Delhi in the BSF Silver Jubilee year.
1991 Integration of various communication systems achieved in Communication Centre - DCPW
Introduction of computerization in message handling system, frequency management and Stores Inventory Control.
1992 Development and Introduction of Secrecy Devices in mobile radio sets.
1995 The terrestrial based National Police Telecommunication Network plan modified into a satellite based Police Telecomm.

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