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This Department came into existence on 19.02.1946, initially as `Inspectorate of Wirelessí and was later accorded the status of Directorate of Coordination (Police Wireless), a subordinate organisation, under Ministry of Home Affairs in 1950. It was entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating for developing and establishing the Police Telecommunication network in the country and also to advise MHA on all Police Telecommunication matters, predominant being round the clock communication between the Centre and State/UT capitals through a network of presently 27 Interstate Police Wireless Stations located in the State/UT capitals.

At the time of its inception, Wireless telegraphy starting with old second world war equipment was the only mode available for communication and during the early 1970s, a teleprinter network using electro-mechanical devices was introduced. However, there was a vast change in the scenario during the next decade with the induction of sophisticated microprocessor based high speed data transmission systems i.e., Automatic Message Switching System, Burst Error Control System for Teleprinter transmission, Packet Radio, EPABX using PSTN Modems etc. Presently this Directorate has been entrusted with the responsibility of setting up of an integrated Police Wireless network in the country , known as POLNET with the aim of having direct "Police Station to any Police Station" communication and as back bone for on line crime criminal information system of the country.

The Directorate also runs a Central Police Radio Training Institute which was initially started as a small training school for the in-service training requirements of DCPW personnel. This was later upgraded into a full fledged National Level Police Wireless Training Institute in 1971 to cater the needs of States/CPOs and other security organisations to improve the efficiency of their technical and operational manpower

Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless