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Office order as on 04-05-2017  Office Order as on 28-03-2017   Citizen's Charter of DCPW   Notice for promotion test of EAD & EAD (Cy) Seniority list of T.A & Wireless Supervisor as on 20/10/2015  Combind seniority list of TA(M) & TA as on 06/10/2015   EAD Seniority List as on 25/08/2015   Recruitment-Extension in Last date of Submission of application   Combined Seniority List of STA/SSO/STA(S)   EAD Promotion Orders   Office Order for Chief Security Officer  Office Orders  No Objection Letter   Merger Office Order   Office Order MACP 2015   Posting of MTS Staff  Head of Offic  Deputation Order of Additional Director  Joint Director Posting  Additional Charge Order  Seniority list of TAM & TA Seniority list of WS & T Transfer  Recruitment  Career Prospects MHA Annual Report Property Returns Welfare Measures Posting Order Liaison Officer ( for welfare of SC/ST category officer/staff) contact address  
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office Order as on 04/07/2017   Invitation for Expression of Interest from organisations/vendors   Office Order as on 20-06-2017   Office Order as on 08-06-2017   MACP Order as on 06-06-2017  Office Order as on 01-06-2017  CIRCULAR  Office order  Office order as on 18-05-2017  Office order as on 04-05-2017  Office order as on 03-05-2017  Office order as on 28-04-2017  Invitation for Expression of Interest  Office Order as on 26-04-2017  Office Order as on 25-04-2017  < /a> Vacancy on deputation for the post of Accts. Officer & Junior Hindi Translator   Office order as on 24/04/2017   Office order as on 19/04/2017   Office order as on 13/04/2017   Office Order as on 11/04/2017   Office Order as on 11/04/2017   Office order as on 06/04/2017  Office order as on 05/04/2017  Deputation vacancy Circular  Office Order as on 28-03-2017  Welfare Measures  Invitation for Expression of Interest from Organisations/vendors  Circular  Circular as on 08-03-2017  Circular as on 02-03-2017  Welfare Measures (Admin)  Vacancy on deputation Property Returns for Year ending-31/12/2016 Vacancy on deputation Extension for Deputation Letter for deputation Global Tender Enquiry(POLNET) Destruction or Condemnation Certificate Check list for LTC and TA/DA Claims Office Order as on 17/11/2016 Deputation Vacancy for the post of Additional Director Circular as on 15/11/2016 Vigilance Awareness Week -2016 Circular as on 17/02/2016 Office Order as on 17/10/2016 Deputation List as on 14/10/2016 Office Order dated 13/10/2016 Office Order dated 06/10/2016 Office Memorandum as on 09/09/2016 RESULT PWOT-01 EXAM dated 07/07/2016 TO 08/07/16 CVO of DCPW Order dated 16/08/2016 Office Order Part-II dated 24/08/2016 Office Order as on 22/08/2016 Recommendation of 7th CPC- Office order Office order as on 05/08/2016 Office order as on 02-08-2016 Draft RR for the post of EAD as on 01-08-2016 Office Memorandum for Holiday on 07/07/2016 Office Order as on 24/06/2016 Survey questionnaire for utilization of Wireless By Police Organisation Office Order as on 19/05/2016 Office Order as on 12/05/2016 Office Memorandem as on 10/05/2016 Office Order as on 06/05/2016 Office Order as on 05/05/2016 Office Order part -II as on 29/04/2016 Office Order as on 28/04/2016 Office Order as on 25/04/2016 Office Order as on 21/04/2016 Office Memorandum as on 19-04-2016 Office Order as on 19-04-2016 office order as on 07/04/2016 Circular as on 31/03/2016 Office order as on 31/03/2016 Seniority list of Deputy director Combined Seniority List of Assistant Director Office order as on 21/03/2016 Office order as on 18/03/2016 Guidelines for 2016-17 Office order as on 09/03/2016 Departmental Examination procedure Office Order as on 28-01-2016 Office Order Part-I as on 01/03/2016 Office Order as on 01/03/2016  Office Order as on 18/02/2016 Accounts Section Office Order as on 01/02/2016 Office Order as on 29/01/2016 Office Order as on 27/01/2016 Office Order as on 27/01/2016 Selection letter as on 21/01/201 Office Memorandum as on 18/01/2016 Office Order as on 15/01/2016 Circular as on 14/01/2016 Circular as on 13/01/2016 Order as on 13 Jan 2016 Office Order as on 8/01/20166  Circular as on 07/01/2016  Office Order as on 04/01/2016  Circular as on 28/12/2015  Office Order as on 01/01/2016  Instructions for Candidates for EAD Examination Selection for D/R as on 17/12/2015  Instructions for Candidates for EAD Examination  Order as on 8/12/2015 Office Order as on 04/12/2015  Selection letters on deputation for the post of TA(M)/WS/CA/DR in DCPW (1)  Selection letters on deputation for the post of TA(M)/WS/CA/DR in DCPW (2)  Employment News as on 30/11/2015  Office Order as on 26/11/2015   Office Order as on 26/11/2015   Office Order as on 26/11/2015   Office Order as on 26/11/2015   Office Order as on 12/11/2015   Office Order as on 09/11/2015   Office Order as on 06/11/2015   Office Order as on 02/11/2015   Office Order as on 26/10/2015   Circular   Office Order as on 26/10/2015   OM (Transfer Policy)   Corrigendum   Office Order as on 23/10/2015   Circular on 23/1032015   Vigilance Awareness Week Pledge -2015   Office Order as on 16/10/2015   Office Order as on 08/10/2015   Office Order as on 07/10/2015   Office Order as on 06/10/2015   Office Order  Circular Orders   MACP as on 24th August 2015   Extension in Last date of Submission of Application Vacancies on deputation (Employment News 30 May - 5 June 2015) 
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